1. Inktober 12/31

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  3. nymre:

    korra you’ll fix your avatar problems. i believe in u

  5. taikova:

    all those visions of b3 finale!korra in the b4 trailer ;~;

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  6. generationcoffee:

    "When did you begin drinking coffee?"

    "Well I used to work at a coffee shop and before I worked there I had never been a coffee drinker but after working there for a while, I slowly started drinking coffee and it just became apart of me.  I am currently drinking the house blend here.  I used to drink like cappuccinos and lattes but I guess I just don’t need that stuff anymore.”

    "Would you consider yourself an addict?"

    "Well, I guess.. I guess maybe. Yeah, I suppose I am. I’m not one of those crazy caffeine addicts, but I am probably addicted to coffee in the same way."

    "How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?"

    "Probably like four to five cups of coffee a day.  Is that a lot?  I feel like maybe that’s a lot."

    Five Watt Coffee | Nicollet Ave S. | Minneapolis, MN

  9. uglyfun:


    Being good to each other is so important, guys.

    that went in an unexpected direction

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  10. gretlusky:

    Tell us a tale of pirates bold,
    Or fairies hiding in the forest,
    Or of a ship that’s wrecked at sea. #inktober